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Why The Alpha Course?

August 03, 2010
Early ramp-up participants

I have had people ask questions recently concerning the Alpha Course. Why exactly is it necessary to complete an introductory course? Why couldn’t someone just jump straight into doing long and heavy or high repetition training days? Wouldn’t they see better results faster?

The answer is, it is not necessary to go through an introductory course; someone could jump straight into a super intense training program; and they might even see results faster than if they took the time to ramp up their training!

However, what we’re trying to do here is increase a person’s work capacity. Why? When your work capacity is increased, you can train longer, harder, heavier, and at a higher intensity, and still recover and give it 110% the next day. Furthermore, by learning and training with different functional movements, our bodies adapt to the unknown. In other words, if you have only been running for your workout, your body will adapt to that specific movement. When it’s time to carry groceries, put the Christmas lights up, or chop down a tree, your run training suddenly leaves you unprepared.

So, ramp up slowly. Learn your own intensity levels and train them to be stretched. Allow yourself to always be ready and recovered to train really hard the next time. Take the time to learn new movements that are at times uncomfortable and sometimes seem far from the training that will help you achieve your personal goals. After a short month, your body will be changing, your mind might have already changed, and soon you won’t recognize the fit looking person staring back at you in the mirror.

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