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To Paleo or not to Paleo?

August 10, 2014

That is the question. First of all, we here at CFP do prescribe the paleo lifestyle to those with nutrition, performance, and lifestyle change questions. That being said, there are still several different variations and twists on paleo and the zone diet that can help you reach your goals. CrossFit HQ loves The Zone and still teaches it in their Level 1 seminars, and lots of people like it and are successful with it. I’ve heard it said that, “Paleo is the prescription but Zone is the dosage.” Whatever you choose is fine as long as you stick to it and monitor your performance closely over a long period of time. The reason we have found that paleo works so well for people at our gym is the simplicity. Here’s what to eat, these are the no-no’s, now go eat until you’re full. Paleo Magazine had a great article simplifying the paleo lifestyle in one diagram. They said:

“The Paleo lifestyle is about nourishing our bodies with REAL FOOD that is grown and raised as NATURE intended, not manufactured in a sterile facility. It’s about UNPLUGGING from the modern day electronics from time to time and giving your body a chance to actually rest. It’s about getting enough SLEEP, bonding with other individuals FACE-TO-FACE, getting out in the SUN, playing for the sake of PLAYING, reducing stress and giving your body a chance to THRIVE in the manner it evolved. 

Yes: Wild fish / seafood, wild game / pastured meats, local vegetables, in-season fruits, healthy fats, nuts / seeds.
No: Grains, legumes, processed foods, soy, refined sugar, industrial seed oils (canola , corn or vegetable oil)

Move often, but no chronic cardio
Lift heavy things

Sleep 8+ hours, no screens after dusk (tv’s, phones, computers), sunshine, de-stress (yoga, meditation)”
-Paleo Magazine

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