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Thanksgiving Challenge

November 23, 2011

Welcome to the 1st annual Thanksgiving Challenge presented by CrossFit Pampa!
Below you will find the workout, rules, and standards.

Thanksgiving WOD:

100 burpees for time

Rules: Complete 100 full range burpees as quickly as possible and record the time to completion in the comments section below for this post. You may post as many attempts as you like between Wednesday and Sunday at 6pm.
Winners: There are several winners categories for this competition.
1) fastest male time
2) fastest female time
3) fastest non-member time (your friends, family, and acquaintances)
4) random drawing of all attempts submitted

So gather up a group, get out a stop watch, and fly through it! Even if someone has posted a faster time than you, we still want to see how you did as a community and you can be in the random drawing.

(we all know the burpee standards by now)
The bottom of the burpee; chest and thighs touching the ground

The top of the burpee; airborne while clapping overhead

Good luck and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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  1. CrossFit Pampa Reply

    Via the Facebook page:
    Greg (first to strike) 24:00
    Stephanie 12:30

  2. Josh Seabourn Reply


  3. CrossFit Pampa Reply

    Via Facebook page:
    Max 8:03

  4. Josh Seabourn Reply

    Max is my hero.

  5. CrossFit Pampa Reply

    Bon 9:27

  6. CrossFit Pampa Reply

    Brad Steen 9:41

  7. CrossFit Pampa Reply

    Sam 6:57

  8. CrossFit Pampa Reply

    Via Facebook page:
    Kandy 10:38
    Jen C 9:34

  9. Anonymous Reply

    Kenny 8:36

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