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Steen History

May 28, 2009

The Ancient Steen Family Crest which was in use before 1650 AD in Northern Ireland was flown as a flag above homes of Steen family members.
The color is described as Presbyterian true blue, which symbolizes fidelity. The figure represents the fabled Phoenix bird rising from its own ashes, with extended wings, ready to fly away – an emblem of faith in God and hope of immortality.

Pretty much the definition of CLASSY:

Yesterday’s Workout: I made one up as it was an off day and I had taken 5 days off.
3 Rounds for time:
170kg Power Clean x 5
30″ Box Jump x 10
Rest 5 minutes, worked on sprint starts and strides.
Excited today about squat/bench/deadlift!

Bonnie is taking her Boards today! Good Luck Bon, you will do great!

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