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Recovery Day!

July 13, 2011

Enjoy the day, enjoy your health, enjoy the fact that you die to live!

A little perspective, by Crossfit Ocean City:
Our own personal fires don’t begin with a spark, they begin with an inspired idea rooted deeply inside our heads. Those ideas stem from our philosophy. Most don’t even know they have a philosophy, but I see it daily. There’s the happy-go-lucky philosophy and there’s the perpetually depressed philosophy. Or perhaps we encounter the action-person philosophy, but feel somewhat sorry for the dreamer philosophy. You know, the person who forever hopes for divine intervention to change their lot in life but just doesn’t want to do the work? Then, there’s the motivator philosophy epitomized by the guy who always overcomes obstacles and motivates us. Conversely, there’s the diversionary philosophy — that person who succumbs regularly to the constant diversions life throws out there, forever caving in to the whims, desires, and schedules of others.

It’s just amazing how one’s philosophy can dictates daily activities and life-long goals. It’s especially troubling when those negative philosophies lead to detrimental health consequences. Sometimes I just want to reach out and strangle the negativity, excuses, and bad energy. Fortunately, we offer an environment where one can come and train and either further their positive self, or squelch some of that negative juju.

Regardless of what philosophy you subscribe to, I urge you to adopt a healthy philosophy. It’s easy to do because the one aspect of your life that you always have the ability to control is your health. Only you decide what you put into your mouth. Only you decide whether you work out and how often. Only you decide how you lead your life and treat your body. Want to live a long and healthy life so that you’ll be there for your family? Then make the right choices. It’s that simple. Don’t allow negativity to cloud your thinking, make excuses, or blame others for your shortcomings. Only you have you to blame for your success or failure. Only you can change your philosophy, light the spark, and build that fire. What are you waiting for? Light that fire and get going!

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