1800 N. Hobart
Pampa TX, 79065

Pampa WOD

May 11, 2010

1 mile run / 2K row (200 SDLHP’s @ 45#) / 1 mile run

Subbed 150 SDLHP

Time 33:23 Ouch!

Research reveals that running performance is improved through resistance training because of the improvements in muscular strength and anaerobic power. The fastest long distance runners possess the most powerful muscles (Tanaka & Swensen, Sports Med 1998). This makes sense when seeing the back end bunch of endurance athletes wobbling through the finish line and then laying around like it’s a war zone. If we are to be constantly working to improve our areas of weakness to become better athletes, why then does long slow distance become the only training protocol deemed worthy of the endurance athlete? Remember that a distance event is a race! How fast can you go, not last man standing. A powerful athlete can transfer to a distance athlete easier than the other way around.
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