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Muscle Up!

September 17, 2010

Ok, so now you eat breakfast every morning and it’s delicious. Unfortunately, at some point it becomes less delicious because you have been eating the same thing over and over. A perfect real-life strategy for sprucing up your normal eggs and bacon is to throw in random left-overs from your fridge. Whether it’s meat, veggies, or both, just toss them into your skillet and you’ve got a brand new recipe. Remember, an egg packs 6g of protein and lots of good fats which is what strong, awesome people need. Picture examples:

Eggs and Bacon

Eggs and bacon + mushrooms, spinach, and cheese = Deliciousness

9-6-3 Reps each of:

165# Thruster
Muscle Ups

Good luck with 165 pound thrusters if you haven’t eaten breakfast.

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