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April 04, 2020

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Even: 15 Tuck Jumps/Hollow Rocks

Odd: 15 Good Mornings/Superman In & Outs

After you complete the 15 reps use the remaining time for Hollow Rocks or Superman In & Outs

Metcon (Weight)

8 Rounds of:

8 DB Curls

8 Push-Ups

8 DB Bent Over Rows

8 Push-Ups

8 DB Strict Press

8 Push-Ups

8 DB Single Leg RDLs
All Push-Ups are done with your feet on a plate. Your legs shouldn’t ever touch the ground. Scale your push-ups as needed. Complete a full round using only one side/arm for the DB work. You should complete 4 full rounds on each side. Record the weight that you used. If your DBs are too heavy use a plate or make Greg Glassman happy and use a gallon of water.

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