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Farmers Walks!

June 30, 2010

5 Rounds for time of:

185# Overhead Barbell Walk- 40m
30 Wall Ball Shots
95# Barbells Farmers Walk – 40m

135# Overhead Barbell Walk – 40m
30 Wall Ball Shots
65# Barbells Farmers Walk – 40m

45# Overhead Barbell Walk – 40m
10 Wall Ball Shots
25# Dumbbells Farmers Walk – 40m

Overhead Barbell Walk
A barbell is locked out overhead. Walk 20 meters and return.

Wall Ball Shots
Beasts use 20# medicine ball and a 10′ target. Scale the weight of the ball, leave the target at 10′.

Farmers Walk
In each hand hold prescribed weight down by your side with arms in full extension. If you need to drop the weight or rest, just pick up where you left off. Like the overhead barbell walk, go 20 meters, turn around and come back.


-I train in a box. It has walls…sometimes. Sometimes we go outside. Sometimes we meet elsewhere. Its not the location I value, its the people.

-I train in an open space, because bars and my training partners fly everywhere. There is not equipment in the way, only my friends near me as we all struggle together, and are rewarded all the same.

-I train in a warehouse with no air conditioning and big garage doors. If you didn’t know where it was, you would never find it. There is no sign outside. The signs of training are all inside, working, or helping one another.

-I train where if I want to keep my shirt on I can….but there are no rules saying I have to.

-I train where Im valued and truly appreciate for showing up and putting forth true, real, demanding effort.

-I train where I am judged on my movements and attitude everyday. Not because my friends are mean, because they truly want to make me better at life, and want success for me not injury. A poor performance means someone will care enough to help me make it better, and find out why it happened to begin with.

-I train where everyone applauds when I do well, and I applaud for them.

-I train to be better at life. The unknown and unknowable. To one day be able to help someone less fortunate than I. To be able to be moving on my own when I’m old and gray, not being moved.

-I train to be different than those before me. To go out swinging, not resting. To live valiantly, not cowardly.

-I train where the floor could double as a pool at times because people actually work hard. I don’t care, that’s how it should be.

-I train with football players, grandmas, kids, housewives, doctors.

-I train with people of every walk of life, and if I cared about status…someone would make me leave.

-I train where education daily is paramount, and if I’m not a constant student, I will fail quickly.

-I train where we are all equal, because we truly are. The only thing that separates people is the attitude to believe this is true or not. The ones who believe they are better than others, are so much better….they aren’t allowed to train with me.

-I train with people that make my day better.

-I train in a place where I want to be, not a place I feel I have to be.

-I train under expectations. Expectations to be better than yesterday.

-I train in a community dedicated to the whole. The success of the many. This is the reason we all change and progress so fast. Where I train its not about “I”….its about “us”.

I train….what do you do?

Inspired by: Practice CrossFit

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    22:54 w/ 155# Overhead walk and some wall balls @ 12#

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