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December 01, 2010

4 Rounds:

500m row
2 minutes rest between each

These are all out efforts. Setting a pr on one of these efforts (probably the 1st or 2nd) is not uncommon.

Remember to warmup before taking on any workout that you care even a little bit about doing well in. I do not post our warmups on this site, but that does not mean they aren’t extremely important. A good warmup, I  believe, should be half-way fun (sometimes), and performed with technique (not intensity) as the top priority. It’s our time to think about the movements, practice them, and strive to constantly improve them. A commonly used warmup is listed below. Note that each movement can be replaced and rotated with other movements which set to accomplish similar outcomes, such as replacing a pushup with a dip. Notice there is a push, pull, squat, hip extension, and hip flexion.

3 rounds untimed of:
15 pushups
15 pullups
15 air squats
15 back extensions
15 ghd situps

Common replacements would look like this:
15 dips
15 ring rows (supine pullups)
15 overhead squats
15 deadlifts
15 knees to elbows

Throw in some skill work ie. double unders, pistols, high box jumps, and/or olympic lifts and you’re on your way to being ready for any physical undertaking. Most people do not realize how much they need to/ are able to warmup to be prepared for demanding physical activity. Don’t be that guy. Warmup hard, recover, and train hard!

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