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June 02, 2014
Ryan Z. – 6″ jump burpees

For time:

10 chest-to-bar pullups
20 toes-to-bar
30 hang cleans
40 shoulder-to-overhead
50 front squats

3 RX routes:
Green – guys 95 / girls 65#
Blue – guys 115 / girls 75#
Black diamond – guys 135 / girls 95#

How to become a better CrossFitter, fitter, healthier, (cooler?)
Train your weaknesses. Know your goats.
In other words, know your strengths and weaknesses and take the time to get better at the things you don’t love to do. That is really hard for so many of us to do! Does this mean you need to come in 3 times a day, skip rest days, and only train the things you suck at? Of course not! What it does mean is to place even more emphasis on your weaker movements until you turn them into one of your strengths. For example, if an ultra-marathoner came in to train with us to get fitter and become more useful, would they benefit from doing 40 minute AMRAP’s every day with strictly body weight and running components? Honestly, yeah probably a little bit for a little while, but this person really needs to get stronger, more powerful, and learn how to move large loads long distances quickly, among other things. This will make them a more well-rounded, and therefore a better “athlete”/useful human.
“But that’s a terrible example because I hate to run!”
Easy there big dog, this example could apply to any movement you either can’t do yet or haven’t mastered yet. Between the warmup and wods we run several times a week. What if you focused on your running form, pace, and cadence as much as you focus on the movements you like more? Maybe even pushing a little harder through your runs knowing it may hurt your other movements that day but making you faster and better for the future. Or using one less band on the pullups today to help me progress to no bands in the future. Most of us do this type of progression for some things but not with our true Goats. What if I told you that you will do a muscle-up one year from now, but you will have to make some small sacrifices during your warmup and wod a few times a week? I think it’s worth it!
Train your weaknesses every single day because he/she who has the least amount of holes in their fitness is the fittest.

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