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Movement of the Month

Movement of the Month The Air Squat What better movement to launch our movement of the month series with than the beloved air squat. Question: Do you want to be able to get off the toilet when you’re 80? By yourself? Do you want some cartilage left in those knees of yours in 10...


“CrossFit is a cult.” You may have heard one or two people (non-crossfitters) say this to you to get a reaction out of you. “Cult” has a negative connotation around it which makes me want to disagree with them immediately… but they have a point. In the end, we are a group of...

I want to lose weight but….

“I want to lose weight… but I don’t want to lose any strength, in fact I’d like to get stronger… but I DO NOT want to get bulky. Got anything for me?”   “I knew this one girl this one time who got REALLY bulky, I don’t want to get bulky like that.”  ...

The CrossFit Games Open 2017

The Open is upon us! Starting on Feb. 23rd! For me, much like many of you, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. What is the Open? The Open is a five week, one workout a week, worldwide CrossFit competition which decides who moves on to Regionals and eventually The CrossFit...

How to Become Mentally Tough

How to become mentally tough:   Competition is a great way to increase your mental toughness. In CrossFit, we compete with ourselves every single day. The phrase, “Better Every Day” is common in CrossFit culture and the competitive desire to do so is widespread. This is the...

How do I get STRONG!?

How do I get STRONG!?   I get this question more than any other question…  other than, “Will CrossFit make me bulky?” (girls)   There’s more than one way to skin this cat but most strong coaches and athletes would have one piece of advice in common for getting...

3 ways to NOT get hurt doing CrossFit

3 Ways to NOT get hurt doing CrossFit 1. Warm-up It sounds so simple and yet so many people out there still get it so wrong. The warm-up can be the most important factor for having a successful workout. The purpose is to get the body in the mode of, “Oh, I’m about to really...