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November 23, 2010

Drew Brees doing work! Some poeple want and need the extra motivation that a pre-game speech delivers. Others can take themselves to a deep focused state all by themselves. However you get there, and whatever it looks like when you’re there, it is important to make it happen. Mental clarity and focus are highly under-valued traits which the greatest athletes all possess. Next time you prepare for your workout, practice getting your mind ready for what is about to come. Be positive but realistic about what it is you are about to, and willing to, accomplish. Ad Diem Tendo!

Two movements for time:
air squats / situps

20 – 1
19 – 2
18 – 3
17 – 4…
all the way to
1 – 20

OR, if that is too much for you try:
Blackjack Bust

20 – 2
18 – 4
16 – 6…
all the way to
2 – 20

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