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Anaerobic Sandwich

September 09, 2013

For time:

800m run
20 power cleans (guys 135# / girls 95#)
15 over-the-bar burpees
10 power cleans
5 over-the-bar burpees
800m run


If you haven’t seen this already, you need to check this out. This is Lindsey before and after an amazing ongoing body compositon transformation. Lindsey came to CFP this summer already having lost a bunch of weight. But if you know Lindsey you will understand that “a bunch” wasn’t enough. This girl attacks each workout like it’s her last. She was fortunate to have great workout partners who could push her each day and help her work her weaknesses. We will miss Lindsey as she is back at WT and we can’t wait to see what performance gains she has made when we see her again during the Christmas break! Keep it up Lindsey!

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