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3 ways to NOT get hurt doing CrossFit

January 06, 2017

3 Ways to NOT get hurt doing CrossFit

1. Warm-up
It sounds so simple and yet so many people out there still get it so wrong. The warm-up can be the most important factor for having a successful workout. The purpose is to get the body in the mode of, “Oh, I’m about to really get after it!” Working up a sweat and getting all the joints moving in their full range of motion is key. Some easy cardio, a few static holds at different end ranges of motion, and some dynamic movements to prep the muscles works great. Right when you enter the gym and first start moving a bit, your heart rate will spike. This is just the initial shock on all the systems and your body responding to that shock properly. It is important to make this happen in your warm-up and not the first 2 minutes of your workout as you may not be able to recover. It’s nice to have a coach-led warm-up to keep you moving and also properly prep you for the workout to come.
2. Scale appropriately
CrossFit is universally scalable. That means we need to use scaling to our advantage to not only reduce injuries but also increase long-term performance gains. When I talk scaling, I just mean modify the movements, weights, and/or reps to get the most out of the workout, and to get the proper response we are looking for when the workout was programmed. Take “Fran” for instance: Thrusters and pull-ups, 21-15-9 of each. When I program that workout, I’m wanting super high intensity and super high power output. If you just have to “RX” and you are doing singles on thrusters because it feels so heavy, you’re probably not going to get hurt but you’re not getting out of that workout what you should be getting out of it, and your long-term goals could suffer because of it. When you could suffer an injury is if you continue making this mistake over and over. Your workouts all start looking and feeling the same, in the same time domains, and at similar weights. Now you’re not constantly varying your fitness anymore, and that is when you are most susceptible to nagging injuries. That is one of the reasons why Crossfit is so successful. Because the classes are coach-led. Use your coach to scale the workouts appropriately to reach your fitness goals.
3. Go the extra mile
Mobility and flexibility cannot be worked on enough during your down times. Bottom-of-squat holds, all the static stretches we do in class everyday, and lots of extra foam rolling go a long way. Mobility WOD, SmashweRx, and ROM WOD are amazing resources for hacking the flexibility game, and there’s countless other great websites, apps, and social media platforms offering great tips and tricks. Everything from how you sleep, to how you sit while driving, to what shoes to avoid can help you go the extra mile in preventing injuries.

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