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2 mini’s!

January 11, 2011
AMRAP in 10 minutes of:
5 pushups
10 kb front squats
15 situps

1 minute rest

3 rounds for time of:

15 db power snatch right hand
20 lunges
15 db power snatch left hand

“DESTROYING THE MYTHS- Weight training untruths weigh heavily on Women’s minds
In the past women of all ages have met social barriers, created by old-fashioned myths and confusion about weight training activities, whichhave prevented them from freely participating in weight training. Weightlifting does not necessarily mean struggling with huge weights and the development of large muscles as many women fear. Modern research has shown that lifting weights regularly can improve your general well being and increase your strength and stamina in daily life. If you want to lose fat or maintain a healthy weight, Weightlifting training is an effective way to stimulate your metabolism therefore liberating more energy from the food you eat. A physically active lifestyle including weightlifting, along with good nutrition, will also help protect you against heart disease, obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis. Below some common myths are confronted by the truth, in the hope that more women will take up the weightlifting challenge.

MYTH: All weight-training sports are the same.

FACT: Due to the low level of publicity surrounding weight training sports, public confusion has arisen about what each sport is about. Body Building is about the aesthetic appearance and size of the muscle, competitive Olympic weightlifting is about using 2 specific techniques relying on the legs (the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk) to lift a weight overhead and Power lifting uses 3 different lifts relying on the strength of the back, legs and upper body.

MYTH: I can’t do Weightlifting because I am not strong enough.

FACT: Although Olympic Weightlifting is commonly seen as a test of strength, it is actually a very technically demanding sport. Coaches spend many months teaching a new participant correct lifting techniques and ensuring that these techniques are maintained. Strength can be developed through assistance exercises once Olympic Weightlifting movements are mastered. Women can develop strength quicker that their male counterparts, so feeling “not strong enough” is even more of a reason to take up weight training.

MYTH: Weightlifting gives women bulky muscles.
FACT: Due to the hormonal differences between men and women, females can develop strength through resistance training, without an excessive increase in muscle size or bulk (less than 5mm). Most women participating in Olympic Weightlifting actually experience a loss of excess body fat and therefore experience a reduction in their overall body size.
MYTH: Weightlifting will hurt your back
FACT: Olympic Weightlifting techniques are safe and efficient relying on the muscles in the legs and bottom for generating force, with the load shifted away from the back. Weightlifting training also includes strength and stability training for the abdominals and back.”
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